How to Define View Clusters for Data Maintenance

Aug 21, 2014

During the last few days, I discussed several features of maintenance dialogs and extended table maintenance. The extended maintenance functionality, however, has its limits at the point where multiple, hierarchical tables come into play. This is where we can use view clusters to build a clean and usable maintenance interface. Find out how in today’s post.

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Using Maintenance Views to Display Additional Data in Extended Table Maintenance

Aug 20, 2014

Sometimes, it is desirable to display data from more than one table in a table maintenance dialog. This could for example be explanatory texts or descriptions from another database table. With maintenance views, we can make that happen. Read on to learn how.

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Build Custom Selection Screens for Extended Table Maintenance

Aug 19, 2014

In another post on the extended table maintenance feature of SAP ERP, I’ll explain today how to use the event AA to build a custom selection screen for extended table maintenance.

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Implementing Additional Checks in Table Maintenance Dialogs

Aug 18, 2014

In yesterday’s post about table maintenance dialogs, I discussed how to create a simple table maintenance dialog in SAP ERP. Today, I will explain how this dialog can be enhanced with additional logic, for example to implement custom checks on data entered.

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How to Manage Table Maintenance Dialogs in SAP ERP

Aug 17, 2014

I want to write about table maintenance dialogs in SAP ERP a bit – partly because they’re one of the most-used features of SAP development, and partly because some of their better functionality is hidden quite well. Today, I’ll discuss the basics.

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